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Plastic Machining and Plastic Fabrication:

We machine all types of plastics such as –acetal, nylon, pvc, abs, polycarbonate, acrylic, phenolics, and PTFE.  We also specialize in machining plastic such as Vespel®, Teflon®, Ultem®, Peek™, Lexan® and Zelux®.

Our experienced professionals can help you select the proper material for your component and provide special machining techniques that will enhance the quality of your part.  East Coast Precision Manufacturing is a premier plastic fabricator using state of the art CNC equipment.  We will work with you to seamlessly produce your part on our CNC vertical milling and turning machines.

Acrylic ball puzzle Acrylic lens Teflon syringe bearing Teflon insulator

Acrylic Polishing, Polycarbonate Polishing and Plastic Polishing and Finishing:

We also offer expertise in finishing techniques that are unique to plastic fabrication.  Acrylic Polishing, Polycarbonate Polishing, Vapor polishing and buffing can add a high gloss finish to your plastic component.  See our page on plastic polishing for our capabilities.  When working with plastic during the machining process, it is especially important that certain plastics are annealed or heated and then cooled to relieve stress due to machining.  Annealing can prevent large and small cracks in machined or molded components.  Annealing plastic has more information regarding this important process to plastic machining.

Batch sizes can range from one to 10,000 and we can provide sample parts for your review.  We have experience machining washers, bushings, shims, manifolds, insulators, gaskets and many more plastic components.  Industries that we serve include automotive, high technology, medical, light and heavy industrial, semi-conductor and telecommunications.

Let us be your source for precision plastic fabrication. With over 20 years of experience fabricating machined plastics, we can provide the best solution to your most challenging and most difficult-to-machine parts.  For recent comments regarding our services from our customers, visit our customer comment page.  We are proud of our commitment to quality and our ability to work with you to help you solve your plastic fabrication needs.