About East Coast Precision Manufacturing

East Coast Precision Manufacturing, LLC was founded by Mark Rohlfs and his sister, Nancy Rohlfs. Both Mark and Nancy wanted to start a business that would be different from a typical job shop. “I have tremendous respect for job shops out there,” says Mark, “but I envisioned carving out a niche in the production of precision-machined plastic parts with an emphasis on quality throughout the whole process: handling questions, quoting, production and timeliness. There’s usually a breakdown somewhere in the process which makes overall quality very hard or even impossible to find.”

Mark has over 20 years experience in the plastic machining business on the production side, while Nancy has worked in senior financial and customer-service positions in both manufacturing and Fortune 500 corporate environments. Each partner has developed an area of expertise relating to the precision machined plastic component industry—enabling them to establish a business that would truly serve the customer’s needs.

Mark, Nancy and their small group of machining associates work with each customer personally to understand their specific needs and to provide the most cost-effective solutions to their machining requirements. Nancy Rohlfs understands commitment to customer service. “We’ve all been frustrated by contacting customer service centers that are thousands of miles away from the original manufacturer or distributor of a product,” she says. “It seems as if they don’t understand our question or problem and don’t own responsibility for fixing it.” When you contact East Coast Precision Manufacturing, she points out, you speak directly with someone who can help you. “We all answer our own phones and return calls quickly,” she says. “We own our machining process and will work with our customer to achieve our customer’s goals.”

Mark Rohlfs offers the following insights on East Coast Precision Manufacturing’s company mission:

We distinguish ourselves from the typical machine shop by emphasizing a clean environment with new machines. Our attention to detail, from the shop floor to our business office, supports our goal of always meeting our customer’s needs—and exceeding their expectations, whenever possible. The best way to do this is to consistently produce parts that are dimensionally and functionally correct while maintaining an appropriate cost and delivery.

We will provide samples, first piece articles and test pieces to determine which plastic machining technique fulfills the customer’s needs. We believe that the customer determines the direction of our business and we work within that framework to produce the lowest overall cost with the highest quality.

With over 20 years of experience machining and finishing plastics—and a three-generation family history dedicated to precision machining—East Coast can provide the very best solution to your most challenging and difficult-to-machine parts.

We machine all types of plastics, and will support you throughout the quoting and machining process. We have experience machining manifolds, valve bodies, complex housings, cams, pressure sensor devices, insulators, bushings and many other plastic components large and small. We also provide finishing services, such as chemical and mechanical polishing, stress relief and secondary machining and finishing of molded components. We currently support many industries, such as telecommunications, industrial, medical and other high-tech industries.

Our approach is direct and personal, and we will work with you to help keep your cost within your budget. If you need to touch base with us during production, you will speak directly with the engineer/machinist producing your part. We value our customers and are committed to meeting their expectations for their machined plastic part.

Our commitment to fabricating high quality plastic components for our customers is our number- one priority.

“As a business owner, consumer and father of three small children,” says Mark Rohlfs, “I notice quality in so many items I buy for my family, for myself and for my business.” Interestingly, he notes, there is an increasingly wide range of quality in many of the products he sees. “My wife and I recently received 5 rubber duckies as gifts for our son,” he explains. As it turned out, two of the ducks actually worked like they were supposed to,” he says. “The other three flipped over and would only float upside-down.”

Mark thought about the disconnect that existed somewhere in the manufacturing process. “Somebody, someplace failed to pay attention to the details and produced a rubber ducky that would only float upside-down,” he observes. “It is my intention to pay attention to the details and keep East Coast Precision Manufacturing dedicated to making all of our parts, large and small, do exactly what they are supposed to do. Because a child’s toy, a device for industry or a large and complex piece of machinery all depend on components performing to their exact specifications—and we all understand just how important that is.”