Milling Plastic Components

Nested partsPlastic Machining at East Coast Precision Manufacturing is your source for plastic machining milled plastic parts. This photo illustrates 276 plastic parts nested onto a plate through “creative fixturing”. East Coast is able to efficiently produce large quantity plastic machining orders without a long lead time with this high piece count per load.

While offering our customers personalized attention, we also keep costs low through unattended plastic machining while using the latest in CNC machines. Our environment is temperature controlled to enable us to machine large plastic pieces to close tolerance. We are experienced in all plastic machining including Teflon® machining, PTFE machining, acetal machining, Delrin® machining and polycarbonate machining as well as many other brand name and generic plastics.

We employ high speed plastic machining at East Coast Precision Manufacturing. Our machines are capable of 1900 inches per minute and spindle speeds of 15000 rpm.

Hole Drilling:
For most shops, machining long holes is a difficult process. Due to our extensive experience in plastic machining, we can drill long holes that are straight and free from burning. True position is enhanced by proper plastic drilling techniques, additionally, we can eliminate burned holes that can eventually crack from stress.

  • Typical length to diameter ratio of 50 to one
  • We are capable of machining a burr-free .007 diameter hole

See our video on plastic milling here: