Plastic Machining and Turning

Plastic machining and turned plastic parts require experience and specific machining processes due to close tolerances. Common plastic turning parts such as bearings, bushings, seals and guides typically have close tolerances with diameters that need to be held to +/- .001 or less. East Coast Precision Manufacturing carefully machines these components with a time-proven method gained from many years of experience in plastic turning. We are experienced in Teflon® machining, Delrin® machining and polycarbonate machining as well as many other brand and generic plastics.

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Teflon insulator Teflon spring stop
Glass filled peek Teflon syringe bearing


In order to produce the best turned plastic components, we select only the best manufacturers of plastic, anneal the rod properly and use specially designed inserts for plastic turning. These inserts will produce burr-free turned plastic components with crisp edge breaks, a smooth surface finish, accurate features and no taper. We use Mastercam to program all turned plastic components since it generates the most accurate code for parts that have angles and radii that blend on the contour of the part.

  • .060 diameter to 12″ diameter capacity
  • 8 micro inches possible on some materials
  • With over 20 years of experience, contact us for a quote to complete your turning needs