Plastic Micro Machining

East Coast Precision Mfg. is profiled in the cover feature story in the July issue of  Modern Machine Shop.

Easy Does It

This shop specializing in small-scale parts says that successfully machining tiny features into tiny work pieces is not about technology. The shop uses standard metalworking equipment. The keys to success instead include patience, gentleness and technique. Read the full article here at MMS Online,

Plastic micro machining at East Coast Precision -just as we have worked with dozens of different materials over the years, we have experience producing large parts from 40 inches in length to micro plastic components as small as .060″ complete with precision drilled micro holes. We are convinced that successful micro plastic machining can only be performed in a temperature controlled environment dedicated to a program of consistent quality in production, inspection, shipping and plastic micro machining.

Teflon syringe bearing Glass filled peek Peek spacer
Teflon sensor plug g10 coil form Teflon insulator