Excellence In Plastic Machining Customer Service

During the quoting phase:

We machine all types of plastics and will support you throughout the quoting and machining process. Our experienced professionals can help you select the proper plastic materials for your component and provide special machining techniques that will enhance the quality of your component. We will also work with you to help keep your cost within your budget. We can discuss ways to reduce the cost of manufacturing by suggesting alternative machining methods that will result in an equivalent finished product.

During Production:

Just as we “work smart” to manage each of our projects the right way at East Coast Precision Manufacturing, we value your business–and your time. If you need to touch base with us during production, you will speak directly with the engineer/machinist producing your part. You will not be channeled through a voice response system, only to speak with people who don’t understand machining. We will also work with you during the machining process to clarify any blueprint specification BEFORE production begins.


Our commitment to our customers extends to our packing and receiving as well. We recognize that a lack of attention to detail in packing and shipping only leads to problems down the road. We are dedicated to a program of packing care to ensure that your parts arrive safely.

Plastic Machining and Polishing Testimonials

Mark, thanks again for the exceptional customer service and helping us thru the multiple sampling process.


— Medical Components

We were very happy with the parts you made, thank you very much.


— Electrical Component Manufacturing

We greatly appreciate your response and investment in machinery to keep up with production demand for our business. It has really ramped up this past year and is forecasted to continue to do so.


— Supply Chain

Got the cam cleat blocks today Mark – Perfect !! Keep up the good work – we are super pleased.


— Marine Supply

The expedited parts arrived today and look great. Thanks for getting those out to us so quickly.


— Government Contractor

I wish we had more orders for you at this time. I fully expect for you to see repeat and new work over the coming year. Thanks for helping us through last year with excellent quality and service.


— Medical Components

I just inspected the parts …, and they look beautiful. Good work on the parts. I’m glad to be using your company as the source for these parts.


— Medical Imaging

I just got the parts and the parts look great, thanks.


— Prototype Designer

Your company has provided the most excellent service and quality that I want to give you the opportunity to look at new work.


— Manufacturing Company

We finished winding and assembling the last batch of coil forms you did for us and everything went beautifully. Those coil forms were great!


— Aerospace Consulting Firm

Looks great where the vapor was present. Great improvement. I think this is what they were looking for. I see the ‘ghost’ in the middle. Even that area is improved. Thank you for working this into your schedule.


— Engineering Design Firm

I got the wedges and they look fantastic! The fit was good, the craftsmanship was excellent, and the color is great.


— Consulting Firm

We received the parts this morning. They are inspected and we’re good to go! They look great, and we appreciate everything you did to get these to us so fast.

Design Engineer

— Industrial Design Models

Our parts look great, thanks for the quick turn and great job. We look forward to using your company in the future.

Office Manager

— Manufacturer

I appreciate all of the help you were able to give me regarding plastic selection/vapor polishing.

Manufacturing Engineer

— Industrial Manufacturing

I will keep you in mind for other stuff as it may come up, and you certainly are becoming our primary house for most of our plastic parts.

Purchasing Manager

— Industrial Manufacturing

I just received the parts today. I took a quick visual scan … it looks a lot better than current. The one thing that stood out is the clarity and the almost glass-like appearance.

Manufacturing Engineer

— Electrical Component Industry

Thanks for the heads up [on the shipment of parts] We really appreciate the service from East Coast.

Purchasing Manager

— Industrial Manufacturing