Excellence In Plastic Machining Customer Service

During the quoting phase:

We machine all types of plastics and will support you throughout the quoting and machining process. Our experienced professionals can help you select the proper plastic materials for your component and provide special machining techniques that will enhance the quality of your component. We will also work with you to help keep your cost within your budget. We can discuss ways to reduce the cost of manufacturing by suggesting alternative machining methods that will result in an equivalent finished product.

During Production:

Just as we “work smart” to manage each of our projects the right way at East Coast Precision Manufacturing, we value your business–and your time. If you need to touch base with us during production, you will speak directly with the engineer/machinist producing your part. You will not be channeled through a voice response system, only to speak with people who don’t understand machining. We will also work with you during the machining process to clarify any blueprint specification BEFORE production begins.


Our commitment to our customers extends to our packing and receiving as well. We recognize that a lack of attention to detail in packing and shipping only leads to problems down the road. We are dedicated to a program of packing care to ensure that your parts arrive safely.

Plastic Machining and Polishing Testimonials

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