Outsourcing Plastic Machining

Do you have an in-house machining facility that is overloaded or needs some help?
Let East Coast Precision Manufacturing help you master your plastic machining needs while keeping your costs in line with your expectations.

Many of our customers come to us to assist with small or large jobs that their in-house machining facility can not efficiently or effectively produce. In-house machine shops are asked to produce a wide range of machined metal components with the occasional plastic part that needs machining.

Your in-house shop may not have developed the expertise to manufacture plastic components with the same quality as metal components. Working with plastics is a skill that we have acquired through 20 years of working with plastics. We can produce your parts for you and offer specialized plastic finishing techniques such as vapor polishing while keeping our costs competitive. We are able to do this because we keep our overhead to a minimum and we specialize in only plastic machining. The cost of plastic material has increased steadily and our expertise in plastic means that we keep scrap to minimum, thereby saving you money.

Many companies believe that outsourcing will increase their costs to machine plastics. We can work with you to match your in-house costs while improving the quality of your finished plastic parts.

Our capabilities include:

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