Plastic Machining Services Challenges

How quality plastic machining techniques can solve your plastic machining challenges…

Solution: East Coast Manufacturing began manufacturing keyguards using proper cutting tool geometry to reduce burrs. Keyguards were vapor polished to improve appearance- previous cloudy finish improved to clear, optical quality.

Solution: East Coast Manufacturing machined several versions of the plunger using different manufacturers of polysulfone as well as different polishing processes to arrive at a plunger that passed their rigorous testing.

Solution: East Coast experimented with different blasting media to create a frosted finish that worked for the customer. Additionally, we machined acetal standoffs to separate the bezels during shipping. The customer now uses the standoffs for storage at their facility to prevent scratching of the clear polycarbonate side of the bezel.

Solution: East Coast provided sample pieces and worked with manufacturer through many revisions of component.

Solution: Using 20 years of experience and experimentation with special tooling, East Coast provided burr-free Teflon parts under 30x microscope. Previous supplier was not able to provide this level of burr-free component.
phenolic connector example - plastic machining services challenges
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