Polycarbonate Polishing, Acrylic Polishing and Vapor Polishing Questions and Answers

The part can change dimensionally after vapor polishing because the annealing process must precede and/or follow the vapor polishing process. If the blank material had excessive stress before the part was machined and vapor polished, it can change dimensionally during annealing.

During the stress relieving process, the part will change dimensionally because the part will begin to relax into a stress free state. This normally occurs with parts that are close tolerance (+/- .0005) or long parts (12 inches or more). However, each part is unique and must be evaluated on its own merits before the machining and vapor polishing process has begun.

The chemical vapor rolls the corners in the range of .001 to .002 depending on the material being vapor polished. Excessive rounding does not occur.
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